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Yes, that's me ... Uncle Jimmy Weldon and Webster Webfoot.

We had the first children's program in the Dallas/Fort Worth area on WFAA-TV in Dallas, Texas, which began a television career that spanned the next nineteen years across America. Webster still sez, "I'm only three ... but I'm tough!"
Were you ever a guest on our show? If so, tell us when, where, and how old you were, etc. Via E-Mail. I'll get right back to you immediately.



My book ... "GO GET "EM, TIGER!" ... contains a step-by-step formula for success that anyone can easily follow to achieve their ultimate dream.
The opening chapter ..."The Witnessed Murder" ... explains how a little seven year old boy saw his future unfold because of his wonderful mother! Learn how it was done.

Let me autograph my book as a gift to someone you love with a special message.


Maybe you were unaware that Webster played the part of another very famous television star.. Yes, that's right. Hanna-Barbera saw our television show and when they developed Yogi Bear, they cast little Webster as the voice of YAKKY DOODLE!
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By the way, little Webster and I speak to Service Clubs, Management Groups, Church Organizations, Schools and well, you-name-it! With our Bonanza we can fly to your town for a visit. E-mail your questions . . .



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