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Hey, Tiger! This 24th annual Seminar was our best. Jimmy, there is no doubt in my mind that the time you spent with us has created lasting memories for the young leaders present. You have become the number one choice of so many students. We love you!
Charles B. Runnels, Chancellor
Pepperdine University Malibu, CA

Upon your early morning arrival, I quickly whisked you off to the equipment display area so as to familiarize you more with the Maintenance Superintendents and to introduce you to many of the folks displaying, attending, or working the show. By the appointed hour of the luncheon, word was out that "Jimmy Weldon" was to be our featured speaker. We expected less than 100 at the luncheon, but as folk began to assemble, it was evident there was a problem. The hotel had set up for about 80 people, and the final head count was 188. Most importantly was the warm reception given to you by some hot, hungry, and tired folks. Following your presentation, many said your charm, personality, wit, and motivational talk was just what they needed. As I travel up and down the State of California, I still receive questions about Jimmy Weldon, such as: Have I talked to him? Have I seen him, and how is he? Many just remember the great talk they heard. I can tell you that many friends in the M.S.A. and truly, I regard you as a dear friend. My God truly bless you in this walk of life, and may you continue to bless and inspire the lives of those with whom you come in contact.

Fullmer Chapman, Past President
Maintenance Superintendents Association

I know that all the personal accolades and thank you's that you received from our group at the NMA 'Enterprise 80' Conference and Management University fully expressed how much we appreciated your Keynote Address. The spouses too, of course, were delighted with your presentation. Many of us hope sincerely that they took the "Go get'em, Tiger" message to heart. I have played your tape to my staff and some of them have played the tape to their staffs, so you can tell what a great impression you made. Thank you for a very entertaining and inspiring message.

Thurman Stephens, VP and General Manager
McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company T

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